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Our History

My Parents, William and Louise Stuart started Stuart's in 1963. Louise, a recent German immigrant had never seen anything like the big roaches in Houston and could not stand them. They could not afford to call a pest company (or exterminators) in Houston, so my father tried multiple products and procedures to rid the house of the pests. He was successful, and a neighbor asked if - for a fee - he could do the same thing to his house.

My parents saw this as an opportunity to make a little extra money (possibly even enough to go out to eat on Friday nights). With my mother's office and administrative abilities and my Dad's problem solving skills and energy, it wasn't long before the business was thriving. My parents' recognition of the need for service people who have respect for the homeowner and their home was then - and is still today - a driving force at Stuart's.

Since our beginning as exterminators in Houston, Stuart's has adapted and advanced with Houston and the pest control industry. Using chemicals and products from the world's leading manufactures like BASF, SYNGENTA, and BAYER , finding solutions to pest problems unique to Houston and the Gulf Coast are safer and more effective than ever.

We are committed to providing value to our customers by steadily improving our treatment techniques and service delivery. We minimize pesticide application volume and dosage to ensure safety, reduce impact to the environment and control costs.

Our TDA certified applicators (formerly known as exterminators) receive frequent continuing education to meet the specific requirements of the greater Houston area.

Our conscientious approach to service delivery has helped us earn a reputation as a leading pest control company in the Houston area.

Whether you're a homeowner or commercial or industrial client, Stuart's offers the pest control service you need for both interior and exterior concerns. We have the experience and effective procedures necessary to handle roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, termites, rodents, fleas, mosquitoes and many other pests. Count on the pros at Stuart's for all your pest control needs.

We are at your service Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm, and Friday from 8am-4pm

Meet Our Staff

  • James StuartJames Stuart

    C.A. 0562546 PTL 1974
    Tech Since 1972
    Owner Since 1997

  • Doug RothermelDoug Rothermel

    C.A. 0561962 PT 1986
    Tech Since 1982
    With Stuart's Since 1982

  • Rod JonesRod Jones

    C.A. 0560225 PT 1990
    Tech Since 1986
    With Stuart's Since 2005

  • David PoltorakDavid Poltorak

    C.A. 0561585 PT 1998
    Tech Since 1989
    With Stuart's Since 2002

  • Fernando LoeraFernando Loera

    C.A. 0560598 PTL 1997
    Tech Since 1991
    With Stuart's Since 2009

  • Jim MilspaughJim Milspaugh

    C.A. 0561050 PT 2000
    Tech Since 1993
    With Stuart's Since 2001

  • Greg RobertsGreg Roberts

    C.A. 0665010 PT
    Tech Since 1999
    With Stuart's Since 2014

  • Paul TafelmeyerPaul Tafelmeyer

    C.A. 0586635 PT 2012
    Tech since 2004
    With Stuart's since 2012

  • Jacob StoddardJacob Stoddard

    C.A. 0614058 PT 2013
    Tech Since 2005
    With Stuart's Since 2011

  • Anthony TrevinoAnthony Trevino

    C.A. 0695410PT 2014
    Tech Since 2012
    With Stuart's Since 2014

  • Russ CappsRuss Capps

    C.A. 0690707 PT 2014
    Tech Since 2014
    With Stuart's Since 2013

  • Stephen BartlettStephen Bartlett

    C.A. 0687836 CPTW 2010
    Tech since 2005
    With Stuart's since 2015

  • Vanessa GalvanVanessa Galvan

    C.T. 0749450 PT
    Scheduler Since 2014

  • Tricia WilfongTricia Wilfong

    C.A. 0696594PT 2014
    Scheduler Since 2001

  • Kathryn StuartKathryn Stuart

    Scheduler Since 2008

  • Vanessa GalvanCindy Rojas

    Scheduler Since 2016

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