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General Pest Service

Prices listed do not include state sales tax amounts.
Technicians will verify and adjust prices if needed prior to performing service.

Square Footage Initial Service Rate Average Quarterly Rate

Less than 2,500 sq. ft.

2,500 - 3,500 sq. ft.

4,000 - 5,500 sq. ft.

Over 6,000 sq. ft.



$150 / $200 - up

price on site

$70 - $80

$80 - $95

$100 / $150 - up

price on site

  • German kitchen roaches require one $60 follow-Up schedulled with first service.
  • Treatment includes thorough interior application of sprays and baits (as needed) to cracks, crevices, voids, trim lines, under and behind furnishings, cabinets etc., accessible attics and garages.
  • Exterior treatment includes trimlines, foundation of perimeter, and landscaped areas around home.
  • Guaranteed 90 days to prevent roaches, ants and silverfish only.
  • No guarantee on Lawn, Rodent or Flea services.

Lawn Services - mosquitoes, chinch bugs and ants

  • 1/5 to 1/4 acre starts at $65

Note: Larger areas priced according chemical use, time, etc.

Rodent Service

  • Average residence starts at $125 includes identifying entry points, setting traps and bait stations.

Flea Service

  • Interior - $100.00 (Up to 1000 Sq.Ft.) OR .05 PER Sq. Ft. For Lager Homes
  • Exterior - $100.00 (Up to 5000 Sq. Ft.) OR .02 PER Sq. Ft.

Note: Prices vary with treatment area, infestation, access, etc.


  • Texas official wood destroying insect reports: Start at $90 - $125
  • Spot treatments start at $200.00 (standard two car garage)
  • 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath no additions, standard foundation home, starts at $550.00
  • All termite treatments guaranteed 5 years (no annual renewal fees)


  • Starts at $90 - varies with location of hive.


Bed bugs must be placed in the home environment. Care should be taken to clean items and clothing before they are brought into the home if you suspect you have been exposed to bed bugs. Bed bugs will not survive a standard drying cycle in a home clothes dryer. They can be killed by exposure to temperatures above 113°F. 120°F. for 1 hour is generally considered adequate to kill all bed bugs and eggs( attics and cars get hotter than this on a regular basis in Houston in the summer). Stuart's quarterly and initial services, although not guaranteed to prevent bed bugs, does in fact do a lot to prevent their existence in the home.

As part of the standard quarterly or initial service we treat base boards, trim lines, under and behind furniture, behind cornices and drapery, the undersides and joints of bed frames( if requested and access is arranged ), and mattress edges if sheets and covers removed. Our standard application of DEMAND CS microencapsulate is an effective bed bug insecticide. The technicians will also for an additional $5.00 plus tax place bed bug monitors and give the customer sufficient monitors to place as desired between services.

Specific service performed for bed bugs as the primary target will cost $90.00 plus $7.43 sales tax for a single room, and start at $200.00 plus $16.50 sales tax for the entire home (this price may vary with the individual situation, the technician will confirm the price before he begins). We do not offer a guarantee, and any subsequent services will cost $65.00 plus $5.36 sales tax.

Bed bug service includes application of residual insecticide, Flushing agent (unless customer is allergic), and a growth regulator.

Customers should clear suspected areas ( 6 feet all directions from where they sleep ) of clutter and miscellaneous items to allow the technician access to bed bug hiding areas. All suspected areas should be cleaned by the customer before service is performed.

Note: Prices available over the phone for commercial and other services.

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